Only You

This is the song you dedicate to the love of your life, when they walk away from you. The one that kills you, that makes you break down and cry tears of grief and pain.

(The Lyrics)
How can I forget you
When memories come and go
You’re all I’ve ever wanted
You’re all I’ve ever known

Can I be happy
Living with your ghost?
The pictures tell the story
I took them off the wall
It’s hard enough to get through
I still can feel the fall
Do you even think of me at all?

Oh, I want you
Only you
I want you
Only you

I can start it over
And find somebody new
A beautiful distraction
Just a hand to hold on to
But if you ask me
Would that love be true?

No, I want you
Only you
I want you
Only you

I want to taste you again
Like a secret or a sin
Breathin’ out, breathin’ in
There is no one else for me

I want you
Only you